Friday, July 29, 2011

A Day from Future

It's a another morning. I wake up early and took a bath as usual.actually in every morning  first thing that i do is checking my visual diary(it's a some kind of collection of notes that we can update by vocally , we can check it that we want) for what i have to do today. so i checked it.Today i have to go to university to conduct a lecture . i took my visual diary and came out of my house. by a little walk which take 20/25 minutes i  reached to my uni.when i reached there it's morning 9.00 a.m. Lecture room was ready for my lecture .there was 50 students.
This is my first day of conducting lecture to every first day of lecture my routine is asking names of students  with   their ambition.As usual i asked their names from end row of lecture room. First student is boy who have pleasant look.he introduced him self to me , his name is U123GH . Ohh I'm sorry i forget to introduce me to you all.My name is K254P. I'm a lecturer of  YAKP(it's a new programming language).again back to the previous thing that I'm telling U123GH said that his ambition is to be a multi engineer (to be a multi engineer you have to specialize all the areas like industrial,material,mechanical,civil and about software ) .then next to him is a girl who have look pretty face but her talk is much faster than U123GH. her name is N673AC. Her ambition is to be a  Robotic doctor(now a days most banks, hospitals do not have human workers so they using robot works who can do many things ,which is much faster than human worker.while working long time period without taking a break robots also face to the shortages, so Robotic doctors are the people who medicate them.present days 70% of government and privet sector workers are robots).  as she, all the students introduced me , their self. I first introduced about the YAKP and how we can use it, for what we use it and study areas and i sent my presentation via wind pass(it's like a ancient technology called "blue tooth".we can select the area you want to send specific file) for their hand pads(it is like a book with touch screen but it is smaller than a book which you can rap, roll or put any where you want to your bag or whether even to your pocket) . my time period end so i end my lecture with a  hope of continue my lecture next i have to stop because i have to do some work.
it's me  K254P.
Time:10.30 p.m.